We are a Year 4 class and we have two teachers, Mrs Whiley and Mrs Digges. Mrs Sawford, Mrs Barratt, Mrs Davison, Mrs Howard and Mrs Jackson are our fantastic phase teaching assistants who will always help you when you’re stuck. We also have our furry friend, Sherlock, who is always available for a cuddle and loves to hear your stories. He also likes to steal the occasional biscuit!

This year we will be going to our swimming lessons each Friday and we will also be very busy tending to our allotment. Garden gloves and trowels at the ready!

We are excited to learn about: Ancient Greece, Electricity, Jungle and Rainforests, Tudors, Aztecs and America. Feel free to check out some of the photos of us below or you’d be very welcome to pop into our class (as long as you don’t mind being sniffed by a large black Labrador!)

All of Seals are super, sensational and stunning STARFISH! We try to always have fun, dream big, work as a team and be kind.